Back to School!

17 Aug Back to School!

As students and teachers are heading back to school, a lot of routines are changing. As you, the pet parent, become busier your pet’s schedule will also change. This can mean pets are spending more time alone and/or unsupervised. The new schedule for your pet can make him stressed, confused, or bored. As owners, we don’t want Fido or Miss Kitty to decide to utilize this time to pick up unwanted behaviors like eating shoes or scratching the couch.The easiest way to avoid this is to direct pets toward non-destructive activities. Some possible solutions include:

Get a new toy – Stuffed kongs are great ways to entertain your pet. And if you freeze them, they can last up to twice as long! A new chew toy or scratching post can provide ample entertainment while you are running errands.

Schedule play time/ nightly walks – Playing fetch is a great past time for your pet athlete!

Spend quality time teaching a new trick – This can be as simple as 10 minutes a day teaching your dog to shake. As your pet thinks through the new trick he will tire out mentally and the training will strengthen your bond.
Let us know if you come up with any other great ideas!

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